Sometimes you will find that the menu prices at Burger King are slightly different than they were a few towns over. To do this research though, you'll have to go to a lot of Burger Kings, and eat a lot of food from their menu.

The Menu

Once you pass the bathroom, you'll come to the counter. On the counter is a cash register that is used to ring up the prices of the food on the menu. If you look up, you'll see the menu hanging from the ceiling! It really is! The menu is right up there, lit from behind, and super tasty looking too. Sometimes it will look dimmer at a different restaurant, but it's not really the lights behind the menu prices. It's more got to do with how thick a layer of grease there is on top of the words. Sometimes it takes years, but eventually every Burger King menu is covered with a nice film of burger grease.

If you are having trouble selecting something to eat, the friendly cashier will help you. The people behind you in line will get really mad though. But don't worry, they won't say anything, they'll just stare up at the Burger King menu too, and think about all those great prices.